Fall Winter Rent

The Rdress couture rental service is applicable only to the clothes shown below.
For availability of the clothes on the dates you need Email us.

Rental service FAQ

Do I have to take the garment in the laundry?

Absolutely not, we will take care of refurbishing the garment.

If you stain the garment?

No problem, it is normal that minor inconveniences can happen. The cost of compensation covers any stains and small damages

How do I return the item?

When finalizing the order, you will also enter the place and time of collection of the item. Prepare the shipment and give it to the courier.

How far in advance can I reserve the garment?

Check availability and book as long as you want. From the moment the garment is online it is at your complete disposal.

How do I book an item?

Before paying the rental of the dress, contact us via email to request the availability of the dress on the dates you wish (we always advise you to receive the item two days before the occasion), if the dress is free on that date it will be reserved for you.

How do I choose the size of the garment?

The sizes refer to the Italian system of tailoring measures in the last image of the product gallery. To select the right size, accurately check the position of your body measurements in the table.

How long do rentals last?

You can choose between the standard 7-day rental and the 14-day long rental. In case you have to delay with the delivery of the dress you will have to pay a penalty: other users like you must be able to have the same dress in time, don't make them wait.

How can I pay?

For the payment you can finalize the order online by credit card or your Paypal account. Debit cards aren't accepted.

If I hire a garment and it's not okay?

No problem, we always advise you to rent the item two days before the occasion so that, if it doesn't work for you, you have time to order another one. However, remember to return the unsuitable item within 24 hours of receiving it, otherwise you will be charged for the rental.

How can I download the invoice?

To retrieve the invoice for your order, you will have to opt for the invoice request option at the time of checkout and it will be sent to you later via email.

Can I change the pick-up address from the delivery address?

When we receive the order we immediately book the delivery and collection of the product at the same address, indicated by you during check out.
If you need to send the item to us from another address, you must enter the request in the check-out note box indicating also the pick-up address.

If my damage is serious, but repairable?

Don't worry, there's a solution for everything! In this case our team of experts will take care of the restoration of the garment and based on the extent of the damage you will be charged the amount necessary for the repair of the garment.

What if I ruin or lose a garment?

We will try to renew the garment doing our best, but in case of irretrievable loss or damage you will have to pay the amount indicated in the product description.

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