Veneto and Tessin united by a small brand of dreamers.

Italian clothing has always been a spearhead in the production of the "bel paese" and also in exports until a few years ago, before the textile industry also relocated spinning, transporting it elsewhere, to make it die, ultimately.

Now between the province of Rovigo and the Tessin (Switzerland), since 2013, there is a new production, totally tailor-made that produces high quality garments, made entirely by hand, Rdress derives from the initial of the painter who inspired the concept, R of Raffaela + dress. The garments created have a unique peculiarity: they are made with fine fabrics with original prints of the same original artworks by the artist. In essence, you are wearing artworks.

Rdress has already created a first small limited edition collection, in 2013, entirely dedicated to the dynamic and daily busy woman, "NewCity", then moving on to the new PE2015 collection called "Neway", without forgetting the men's accessories with the first collection "New Colors", ties, clutches, papillons, as well as gilets and jackets.

Fabrics finely printed with high quality digital technologies, carefully chosen and adapted to the conformity of each figure; from cotton to lurex, from lycra to silk crepe. But that's not all: Rdress weaves relationships with a Swiss shirt production and in a short time three new high-tailoring prototypes are born: two women's shirts, long sleeved and sleeveless, and men's shirt, all in pure silk. Colour, extraordinary combinations, clean lines, constructive simplicity, Italian and Swiss craftsmanship together, something for many impossible to imagine, at least these days.

Rdress is not funded by banks or capitalists, it does not receive funds from the EU. It is pure risky entrepreneurship, stuff of other times, with the strength of other times, but with the technology of this millennium. Of course, the garments have high costs, however they are unique pieces, each garment has a serial number, a certificate of authenticity of the artwork and of the weave. There is even a service for preserving the remaining piece of fabric from the fasson, for any repairs, if the garment were to be damaged in any way.

It is worthwhile to spend a little more, when you have a service that puts the customer in a position to be valued, from when he looks at the site, until he wears his new item.

Against the current, definitely against the tide, compared to many renowned brands, which produce in China or Taiwan, marking "fat cows" with "Made in Italy", only when they arrive in Italy. Yes, Rdress is against the current. It's not a start-up ... maybe it's better, maybe Rdress turns a dream into a wearable reality, maybe its site deserves a look at