Trasparenze. Artworks become clothes. Venetian artist experiments in Bologna.

"Trasparenze" by Raffaela Quaiotti

"Trasparenze" is the new artwork that the artist Raffaela, will present at the reopening of the gallery Wikiarte of Bologna on August 27, with a substantial difference compared to other works of art: the reproduction of the painting has also become a woman's dress. Digital processing and digital printing on a special fabric, have allowed the creation of the piece containing the original work, authorized and commissioned by the artist. All the rest did by the great professionalism of a tailoring atelier of Lendinara (RO), "The Creations of Giusy", which in tandem with the artist, has put together a splendid sheath dress with V-neckline on the back and American style. A creation a bit unusual in view of the short dresses' dressmaker, but the effect and the result is a very extraordinary also because of the uniqueness of the piece of cloth that has no equal in the world, since it is a unique prototype.

The combination of tailoring with the work is not a novelty, many have already experienced reproductions of pieces of works for prints, but this mode is new, as the artist's work becomes a habit and the lucky owner of the framework, can also think of giving their lady, the work itself, but to wear.

Anna Mykhnyuk in Tubino "Trasparenze"

Wikiarte, famous art gallery in Bologna, will inaugurate its new season Tuesday, August 27 with an ensemble of all the artists who collaborate with the art designs and Raffaela will present the new work "Transparencies" on this occasion by wearing the dress to a model collaborator staff of Videomedia company that donated its forms tailored to the cut of the dress.

Raffaela, has every intention of conquering it is also a market of art and Italian craftsmanship that distinguishes us from ever in the world, doing make clothes to order and tailored chosen from his works, to all the ladies and girls who intend to take advantage of this opportunity. The idea will also go overseas to conquer Hollywood stars, by means of a production agency that wishes to convey the Vip this new fashion.

A brilliant idea and simple, considered that every dress is a story in itself, unique in the world, such as who will buy it. The artist's website is at