The Ticino people fly to Monte-Carlo, enchant the 223 ambassadors of Tourism and Business

Exciting conclusion of the recent Annual Meeting of the Ambassadors of Tourism and Business, held in Monte Carlo last 10 of December, with the presence of S.A.S. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The event of high international media value, has seen for the first time the presence of the new Ambassador of Tourism and Ticino Affairs, to represent precisely the prestigious Swiss country, along with the other 222 ambassadors from Italy and all over Europe.

There was also a new Switzerland fashion brand which has its headquarters in the Tessin area, Rdress luxury artwork clothing by Luca Martini, chosen by dr. Rosanna Trinchese, CMM art director, for the high artistic quality and artistic standards of the Monegasque Chamber of Fashion, which in fact is, bringing out the Swiss product in Monte Carlo. Rdress project, is a collaboration with an extraordinary and visionary Venetian painter, a former teacher of the support and disability for 40 long years, in Italy, which has extended the essence of their work with their different abilities in the spring of these extraordinary artworks, the result of years of passion and professional art. Professor Raffaela Quaiotti (, this is the name of the artistic director of the brand, together with the designer and brand owners Luca Martini, then finished off the final product, creating the brand in 2013. 

Rdress, is a blend of art, culture, experience and absolute Italian and Swiss quality tailoring, in unison. The clothes are authentic works of art are transposed to fit and attention to detail, made by  craftsmanship of Italian tailoring, creators of this amazing project. The shirts are absolutely hand-made in Switzerland, in collaboration with some of the most prestigious brands in the craft sector of Tessin.

Outfits for the fashion show, were also completed by two other Italian master craftsmen, who brought their unique products on the catwalk; it is Embawo ("wood" by the Ugandan dialect), young successful brand, produced by a professional model, now creator of beautiful wood and leather bags, which are made immediately a way into the hearts of all the ladies present, which devotes Embawo hand bags or beautiful backpack all in different wood materials and colours never dull. Extraordinary, the presence of the master artist Roberto Perziano, with his creations to the pendant totally made according to the skill of the glassmakers of Murano, a qualification that has a full view of the experience transmitted to him by his father and before that by his grandfather, he arrived in Sacca Serenella in the early '900. Unlike many artisans, Roberto still continues to work with the ancient technique of "lamp-work", shaping the glass, absolutely delicate material, embellished with golden leaves 24 carats or silver, only with the help of the tools used by ancient artisans. All this accompanied by a good dose of passion and imagination.

Art, fashion technological innovation, use of natural products of high emotional impact, like silk, wood, leather, glass, gold leaf, silver and also Swarovski crystals. Emotions arising from an innate desire to communicate the art of beauty and beauty truth in crafts, unique and valuable. Creations that leave stunned all the exclusive invited to the event in Salle D'Or Hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo, which has brilliantly hosted the meeting.

The Rdress staff could tell their project, even with S.A.S. Albert II of Monaco, in a friendly moment in which the Prince considered very useful to know this innovative fashion startup that connects the Ticino (newcomer to the ambassadors club), and Italy, with the professionalism and culture of these only protagonists. 

The Prince who congratulated Luca Martini and his staff, urged them to continue along this path, difficult, but very beautiful, full of meanings and feelings, not only of art and fashion. The Rdress brand will always be happy to endorse the future actions, in Monte Carlo, in collaboration with the Chambre Monegasque de la Mode.