Tg2 Costume&Società talks about Rdress concept.

Rdress was born in 2013 and in less than two years is talking about itself even at national journalistic levels. The Rdress concept, under the artistic direction of Prof. Raffaela Quaiotti, has lined up a series of design objectives both in Italy and in neighbouring Switzerland, which bring the public to the knowledge of wearable art.

This is what the special Costume&Società speaks of which aired this week on the Tg2 daily column. Curated by Maria Rita Grieco and Maria Leitner, two prestigious names in Tg2 Costume&Società, the service has identified the heart of the project, highlighting every detail inherent to the personal training of the art director who produces the original artworks of the concept. Her work in the world of school disability, which lasted about 40 years, was a focal point that led the artist-teacher to redefine many concepts of her life, existence and way of seeing the world, then transferring all these feelings into her own artworks.

In this stream of creativity, 72 original artworks spring from the study of colour linked to the "human feeling", both in everyday normality and in the profession, especially when working with the handicap. The volcanic prof.ssa Raffaela, wants to bring to light also the possibility of inclusion of the handicap and the disability, in the world of the job; for this reason it also received the accession to the project by the Head of State with the Medal of the President of the Republic.

Two projects, which derive from their personal impact with different abilities, with the result of an artistic outburst (it is also a master of art), which produced a whirlwind of truly unique and commendable clothes and situations. The Rdress project is now a brand that belongs to an entrepreneurial reality, in neighbouring Switzerland where it is taking the support of the Agire Foundation as a special startup in the fashion sector of Ticino,