Rome. Fashion Nights at Villa Torlonia. NeroLuce and Rdress in the dèfilè on Saturday 11th July.

Rome. Countdown to the fashion event that will make the Roman summer 2015 unforgettable. Conceived and directed by Mara Parmegiani and directed by Fulvio Valente, along the splendid staircase of the Museum of Villa Torlonia, 250 highly selected guests will be able to attend the first edition of LE NOTTI DELLA MODA A VILLA TORLONIA.

Friday 10 and Saturday 11 July under starry sky, starting from sunset, when it will be around 8.30 pm the first evening (Friday) is announced internationally with the great Carlo Alberto Terranova for NEW LAND COUTURE, next to receive the prestigious award Made in Italy Awards 2015 in New York.

Fashion and cinema will be the leitmotif of his runway that will be imbued with the charm and elegance of global stars on the big screen. Also, on Friday 10 to follow the intriguing, fragrant and colourful atmospheres of the Malaysian designer Kartini. Illias who will propose clothes created with exclusive silks enriched with wax techniques on batik designs, never seen before. But the second evening (Saturday 11th July), will reserve the greatest emotions to his guests. Six emerging designers with cutting edge and extremely innovative lines, the exclusive models made by Nero Light Made in Rebibbia, with the collaboration of the new Italian-Swiss brand "Rdress", born in 2013 from the union of the original art of the painter Raffaela Quaiotti and from fashion instinct by Luca Martini. Rdress has donated to the Made in Rebibbia project, a certain amount of fabrics with the artist's exclusive works of art, to give a new creative opportunity to the talented NeroLuce designers, with the prestigious and important social contribution that comes from the Rebibbia girls. An event on Saturday that will allow the rich and glossy world of fashion to combine with social and everyday life themes.