Rdress presents seven new artworks elements. The "one shoulder" sheath dress will be the protagonist

It will open with a riot of art, the mini collection that LucaMartini fashion house has prepared during this long and cold winter. While snow and ice raged in half the world, the small, hard-working Swiss fashion house was already thinking of the warm and comfortable summer days, with new artistic variations of the one-shoulder sheath dress.

7 new creations are born with new artworks by Rdress art director, which are putting into motion the fantasy of the most daring female audience.

"... we are very proud to present this new mini collection, which is added to the other 52 models already present in the summer permanent that distinguishes us ...

This time we were not stingy in the choice of the works, and we dared even more choosing other new works of art by Raffaela (ed. raffaelapictures.com), in the style of the brand and with a dash of audacity ... ", tell us the Rdress stylist.

Surreal atmospheres, abstract geometries, multiple faces, colours of a unique, hypnotic and definitive force.

All this has always been part of the brand, but with these new creations, the mood is veering towards a total imposition of artworks, paving the way in a definitive way to an expansion of the collection that will include the use of all 90 works of the artistic director, one for each model, at least.

The new single-shoulder sheath dresses will already be available for bookings from the first of March onwards, in the classic ready-to-wear fashion system, but to which the brand has accustomed us since 2013. They will be produced in only 10 copies for each work of art, available only to very few lucky people who will have the opportunity to count them in their personal collection, certainly to wear, not to be closed in a closet.