Rdress opens "Style & Show" event at the Blu boutique in Lugano

The new winter-fall season will be approached with a special anticipation, which will be held in the wonderful artistic atmosphere at the Blu Boutique store in Lugano. Style & Show, the fashion meets the show, is characterized by a lot of strokes with a touch of contemporary art, which store manager Francesca De Grandi will highlight at the opening-event of September 14, 18.30.

Rdress permanent summer artistic collection will open the event with a revelation of geometries, colours, nuances and meanings taken from artworks by the artist of the young LucaMartini Switzerland fashion house: "... first of all we are grateful to the store manager Francesca De Grandi and Valentino Odorico for having appreciated our creations, wanting to put them in the opening of the event to give art notes and meanings to their very welcome initiative ... Rdress is not a winter collection, we make summer clothes, using only silk and exclusive artwork ... We make our customers, fairs to wear first and foremost a story ... a work of art ... which also comes in the design of the dresses, all hand-made to the exclusive and artistic packaging just as well ... ", says the fashion house manager. 

Artistic atmospheres of high cultural profile, as well as of style, thanks to the presence of Italian music, represented by the well-known Elisabetta Maffenini, already a successful competitor of the last edition of TheVoice of Italy, with an ad hoc performance for the event. All information about Rdress clothes can be found on the official website at www.rdresscouture.com.