Rdress and BSA academy together for the meeting Lugano - Principality of Monaco.

On 26 April in Lugano, at the TheView, a special convivial meeting will be staged, organized by the Directorate of Tourism and Congresses for the Principality of Monaco, to begin an important collaboration, so that the Swiss tourist flow is partly oriented towards the beautiful natural setting of the famous Monte Carlo bay. A really important moment in the panorama of international collaborations between the two countries that include the highest quality of life on the old continent.

The dinatoire cocktail party with exclusive invitation, will see the best of Monegasque and Ticino representation meet to determine new horizons and visions in the tourism sector. This vision has also chosen a distinctive collaboration for Ticino, which will also be represented in the fashion and fashion sector, through the Ticino brand Rdress by LucaMartini, which will bring to the fore a part of the very exclusive art clothing collection in combination with two Italian brands as regards the innovative bags of Embawo and the jewels of Murano by Roberto Perziano.

The vision will also be completed by the presence of the Academy of Make-up and Aesthetics, BSA of Lugano, a collaboration strongly desired by the young Maison Martini, to highlight a great return of the "know-how" at the highest levels, of the Ticino professionalism, also in the formation of young in the aesthetic fashion sector. Tourist opportunities, combined with new political geographical horizons along with high-level collaborations, a mix of excellence that begins to bring Ticino back to a podium dedicated to this new Monegasque trade union, which will certainly be able to reserve great events and opportunities in the immediate future.