Rdress, an Italian-Swiss example of true craftsmanship. It starts again from here.

By the TV news of "Striscia la Notizia" dated January 15, up to the stores in shopping malls, now we're almost used to seeing the sign "Made in Italy", then rejected by the labels of origin that reveal unequivocally the clothes featuring we want to buy; Korea, PRC, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, here you are the countries listed on labels in most once. So, where is the real made in Italy? The Italian-Swiss brand, Rdress, for example, born since 2013 by a project that is based on a return to classic tailoring of the golden years with a variant unusual and ingenious: the original artwork included in the fabric.

The project Rdress born by Italian artist painter and expands beyond the Alps where she finds a small company that believes in, then has starting a limited edition production with collaborations with Italian-Swiss tailors and artisans. Whosaid that it is not possible to collaborate with the Italian cousins of Ticino?

Now the brand is in a period of slow but steady ascent, which allows the opening of the online store, as a point of reference only and inimitable, as well as tissues using, strictly high quality profile and printed by Italian craftsmen at the highest level technology.

The trade-union that flows, creates clothes absolutely unique in its kind, cleverly manufacturing by Italian hands (for some models) and from manufacturing to other Swiss products (shirts for example). All strictly handmade, born in Italy and Switzerland. Here we find the true "Made in ..." even better to specify the real "handmade"!

The unique items of Rdress, are artworks that materialize itself, from the original paintings, they do work itself, allow master of turning into new clothing artworks, artisans makes the difference in both quality that the fit. The pictures speak clearly about.

Do not look for the Made in Italy in the trade fairs, which have become vulgar markets places a bit more sophisticated, to create dazzling and leave the fashion house dizzying gains for dresses made perhaps by an exploited child somewhere in the world. Back from seamstresses, tell them what you want to dress up for this summer and enjoy your personalized fashion to cost quite acceptable.