Principality of Monaco attracts tourism and presents itself in Lugano with exclusive fashion

Certainly one of the most reserved events of the coming weeks, it will see the city of Lugano as a trade-union-city between Ticino and the Principality of Monaco, also passing through a piece of Italy... of Italian manufacture, to be precise.

On 26th April, at the wonderful setting of the Hotel TheView in Lugano, numerous excellent guests from the world of finance, industry, services and tourism will be entrusted with a presentation of the Principality by the Directorate of Tourism and Congresses of Monk. A really important moment in the panorama of international collaborations between the two countries that have the highest quality of life on the old continent.

The evening will be organized as a dinatoire cocktail, a useful time for both conviviality and exchange at high cultural and tourist levels, for the promotion of the Principality of Monaco and its unparalleled natural beauty. The principality already known for many qualities, now presents itself in its most positive meaning in the high-end tourist term, offering a series of innovations to attract more and more tourists of quality, a little less hit-and-run. In such an elegant and exclusive environment, a truly unique clothing brand was chosen in the world that had already arrived in Monte-Carlo last December; Rdress is an Italian-Swiss project born in 2013, which blends art into the bearing of some models that will be presented during the event.

Not a défileé, but a set of visions, which will be worn by the two official models of the brand to which Maison Martini (fashion house creator of the collection), entrusts these occasions. The brand produces these garments, in the most traditional way, respecting every element of the production chain that has historically distinguished Ticino and Italy in the production of exclusive fashion. "... we are honored to have received this invitation from Dr. Sweden, Director of the Office of Tourism and Congresses of Monaco in Italy (Milan office); we firmly believe in international cultural and tourist ties, which offer opportunities for collaborations well beyond the simple areas of tourist interest ... for this reason we are proud to combine beauty with art, to arrive at the journey ... in a vision that must always exist for us ... ", says Luca Martini, General manager of

LM company and of the Rdress brand. The works used for the creations of the clothes are by the artistic director of the brand, prof. Raffaela Quaiotti, originated from the monumental professional experience in the teaching sector with disabled children, which lasted 40 years.

The exclusive Embawo bags will also complete the outfits, made entirely by hand with fine wood and leather, along with hand-made pendants with the lamp technique, by the master of Murano, Roberto Perziano. The details related to the Make up and hair style will be entrusted to the care of the staff made available by the BSA Academy of Lugano, which trains the best future professionals in the sector. An event rich in style, culture, fashion and international ties that will certainly find a direct path between the Principality and Ticino, also passing through Italy.