Plastique, a new Rdress light clothing. A new era of high-tech clothing made on!

At Rdress switzerland homeland not ends to experience art by this time also becomes a form of light. "...The color, as we all know, is an expression of the incidence of light on a surface that contains the color our eye receives waveform that decode as colors...", tells the multifaceted Luca Martini, chief manager of the new Swiss brand, which for two years has enabled the project Rdress artwork clothing.

Now after the artistic development of the brand, we go to the second phase: the technological development. 

The light will be absolute master of the fashion-future, according to Martini, who does not stop at simply applying some LEDs, but will go much further. Obviously everything is covered by copyright and trade secret, however, the path traced by the new and volcanic brand is clearly visible, we could say, even in the dark.