Martini fashion house from Switzerland to Monte Carlo with handmade luxury co-brand.

Rdress fashion project by LucaMartini fashion house, which combines original artworks in fine fabrics, creating sophisticated clothes made entirely by hand, grows quickly and makes its way from Ticino (Switzerland), to the exclusive Monaco, but not alone.

The daring and eclectic producer-designer, chosen by the artistic director of the Chambre Monegasque de la Mode, will attend the next social event in December in Monte Carlo, exhibiting the summer permanent collection, and has decided to widen his net of exclusive handmade fashion. 

In a few weeks the Rdress production office, found and contacted artisans of the highest level to complete the 15 models that will bring on the red-carpet the sophisticated items of the new designer label clothing. 

Daring combinations, could not miss, near the limit of creativity, but with great impact, will lead to extraordinarily beautiful accessories limelight and especially handmade, one of a kind and very high end, as told Martini: "... we did research some targeted artisans, we wanted really unique accessories, special, for Rdress woman who should never be banal or obvious ... So we found bags with wood and leather inserts, bamboo wood glasses, high manufacturing jewellery with forms wonderful sculptural structures ... really unique Italian shoes ... a series of co-brand with Italian and Swiss companies that are at the top ... but that are not part of the business for all ... ".

Obviously there is strict secrecy on the names of the companies that will accompany Rdress in defilée of Monte Carlo next December, but at the appropriate time will be revealed in a special press conference.