Luca Martini, chooses a young Estense, photomodel, actress and musician for the new mini-movie.

Combine the purest and high-end craftsmanship with music, art and beauty universally understood? Sometimes it is possible and this time the artistic beauty is personified in a graduate in Science and Communication Technologies of the University of Ferrara (Italy). Chiara Mestieri, student, and artist from Ferrara, has conquered the management of the Swiss fashion house LM company, which in September will produce the first part of a storytelling of the brand Rdress, the first brand that in 2013 combined classic fashion and pictorial art, for a truly unique summer permanent collection.

Lines haute couture with original artworks, faithfully reproduced on precious fabrics with avant-garde digital methods, respecting nature and with an environmental impact equal to zero. The ethical production chain, certified by the tailoring company that produces clothes for the Swiss brand, closes the circle of excellence that represents an innovative axis between Ticino and Emilia-Romagna.

In all this, Chiara has the beautiful and difficult task of interpreting herself and music, since the entire mini-movie revolves around the performance of the piano, in the hope of being able to offer the most attentive audience an extended vision of fashion, as an important element, co adjuvant of the personality of those who wear a piece of clothing entirely handmade.

The union of arts and crafts, experimentation often difficult to achieve, but certainly the young interpreter was also chosen for the experience as a model that has matured in recent years, finishing university studies, while also attended an intensive course of theatrical dramatization.