Ksenia from Russia with style. First mini-model for Rdress couture Kids&Teen collection 2021.

The international selection will close this week to choose the best mini-models to present and launch the next Kids & Teen summer collection of the LucaMartini fashion house in 9 countries.

Once again LucaMartini also looks ahead to the hard times we are experiencing due to the pandemic, definitely aiming for an ethical, sustainable revolution with new regenerated and totally recycled fabrics, thus converting the entire production chain with 100% sustainability certifications.

But the focus shifts to the very young generations, certainly more attentive to ethics and sustainability, with a very simple and compact collection, entirely dedicated to girls and girls aged 7 to 18, "Rdress couture Kids & Teen". Colors, art, sustainability, ethics, for the little models who will bring their first summer garments from next spring summer to the northern hemisphere, but already in a few weeks in the southern one.

In fact, the 20 mini models that have been chosen come from different countries including Australia, Russia, USA, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Ukraine, France and Italy.

The casting, which is nearing completion, saw the participation of over 1000 kids & teens who applied with the strict control of their parents, always wanted by the fashion house in every phase of the selection which took place totally online, given the pandemic contingencies .

The honor of opening the cover goes to Ksenia, a very young 7-year-old mini-model who comes from Russia (St. Petersburg), already with a fair amount of children's fashion experience, but with a character and a shiny beauty that will make her works of the collection, really coveted for many girls and mothers in the world.

"... I want to bring freshness to the world of fashion and a breath of true and tangible art even for the little generations of this strange world, which too often does not consider the future in the hands of these children of ours ... They are the ones who will decide, create, build, dance ... they will live the next few years in this world that is too gray and uniform ... We give them the tools to make us all walking works of art ... The girls and boys we have chosen are truly a synthesis of this future that stands out radiantly before them ... Our task is to put them in a position to make it happen!… ”, declares the iconic Luca Martini.

The project does not stop there, as the next phase is to bring the same fabulous world to mothers, through the “Mom & Daughter” collection, which promises really important news and energies!