Fashion at Hotel Atlantic. In Riccione the exclusive shooting of the Swiss brand Rdress.

Sunny, holiday, relaxing Riccione ... sometimes even inspiring new styles and art, as in this case. On 25 and 26 July, the Atlantic hotel in Riccione hosted a truly excellent set for the maritime season, as the fashion items that alternated on the wonderful (almost cinematic) set of the hotel on the Riviera, were absolutely in line with summer style.

In fact, the Swiss brand of the fashion house Martini, showed off several outfits from the permanent summer collection, in addition to the brand new EPTA collection, which will be officially presented to the international press next September. For us the preview is almost taken for granted, but the maison's discretion has only allowed us a few clicks.

What news about the next collection, so private?

"... there are no major industrial secrets ... but we prefer to give space to important things at the right moments ... We have made new shots of the permanent summer collection with Lisa and Beatrice, in the splendid setting of the Riccione Atlantic, which has an almost American-style conformation, very dear to us ... The Rdress revolution is certainly not easy to propose to the Italian public, who is too used to the dark and austere, almost funereal, monochrome of the last 10 years ... We have much more success in Eastern Europe, Latin America, United Arab Emirates ... areas of the world where colours and art are still a foundation of everyday life ... They greatly appreciate our artisan and artistic mix, represented by the original works of art that are the heart of our collection ... ", says Martini, who in this session also personally took care of the shots, creating a study of light on a par with his artistic cinematographic curricular attitudes.

The outfits presented in the cine-photographic session are extraordinary, combined also with the rare jewellery of the master glassmaker Roberto Perziano, who made some colliers from the current collection, entirely made of Murano glass with the lamp technique.

Why the Atlantic of Riccione?

"... I have to thank the management staff of Atlantic who allowed us to carry out the shooting with a highly professional support and always attentive to our needs ... It must be said that with the environments made available, it was easy to make unique and decidedly rich in meaning ... the combination with our clothing was immediate ... The result is undoubted! ... ", continues Martini.

Have they already copied you?

"... yes of course ... within two years of our official release in 2013, many famous brands have imitated us ... with the obvious result of being defined by us as" authentic scripts "... But unfortunately for them, our works of art are unique ... I leave the sentence to posterity ... ", Martini concluded.

The new grip for fashion bloggers ?! Does it hurt you?

"... absolutely not! On the contrary, I am glad, finally the international authorities have understood that these would-be influencers are an outrage to good fashion and a danger for true artisans like us and like many of our colleagues with whom we have been collaborating for some time ... We all think the same way: these people must be surveyed, controlled, evaluated and included in the fashion journalists sector, only if they are worthy ... otherwise out of the game! ".

A note on the fabrics of your beautiful products ...

"... well the silk reigns almost sovereign in its 100% purity and also with an elastane mix up to a maximum of 5% ... Classic swimsuits use lycra, but we dared more, using elasticized silk also for our costumes ... the result is evident from the images and also from satisfied customers ... ".

The crew that made the shooting was also assisted by the professionalism of Capelli&Company by Mauro DiDomenico, with Lorenzo Bernardini hair-style and Michela Balducci make-up master.