Fashion artwork clothing from Italy.

The Italian fashion is no longer tied to stereotypes by clothing brand's and clearly demonstrates it every day with clever ideas changing the way of fashion innovations. Rdress is the new Italian brand that has an interesting innovation, based on the use of prints and original artworks, produced by the skilful hand of the artist Raffaela (, painter listed and certainly well-known talent in sphere of Italian pictorial arts, but also appreciated in many countries.

The project started in 2013, involves the construction of dresses made entirely by hand printed fabrics depicting the art of the painter; interesting application, in fact the works are shown in digital printing on fabric, with the collaboration of specialized company like Epson, plotter specifically designed for these innovative applications. The design and displacement are realized by software, while the skilled hands of seamstresses repackage the finished gown with meticulous precision. The result is amazing, as evidenced by the photos, but admire these works live is a wonder to behold.

A new way to wear colours, signs and eccentricity: wear artworks, original and authorized.

All dresses are provided by Rdress of a specific certification of authenticity of the

manufacture, fabric and the artwork depicted. The customer can also choose the artwork to be included in his next dress or shirt, making them unique in the world, because no one else will ever have the same cut and displacement on the dress; therefore it is absolutely unique works of clothing. The serial number for each dress, make evidence of a careful research for absolute quality, prices are not in fact within reach of a wider audience, but it's also true that many fashion brands sell at much higher price lists, without, however, giving a real uniqueness of the garment to their customers. The artistic clothing (at this point better call them that) are visible and bookable on the official website at