Fashion and TV. Veronica tonight on Canale5 at Temptation Island

A television surprise that comes from the province of Ferrara, which will be evident tonight on Canale5. The beautiful Veronica Bagnoli (from Emilia, with Swiss origins), from the fashion sector, will also hurry to TV; his couple with their current boyfriend, was in fact chosen for the new edition of the TV format that will test consolidated couples, on a solitary island surrounded by many temptations, including many male and female suitors, ready to put on crisis all the chosen candidates.

The format is debatable, but certainly for Veronica it will be a remarkable springboard; the prime-time presence on the Mediaset network for the young artist could be a fair visibility built up over time, also thanks to many collaborations in the agency and fashion sector. One of the most innovative brands that used his images is the Italian-Swiss brand Rdress, for which Veronica posed for a catalogue of the most exclusive collection in 2016.

"... the collaboration with Veronica has been very positive, has very graceful ways and establishes a truly personal connection with the clothes she has worn for us ... giving a different personalization and interpretation of our brand, certainly not easy to wear, considering the chromatic and artistic freedoms ... ", says Martini, the maison's chief manager.

Every experience in this sector is always proactive and can make the difference in the choice of television authors for or less than a candidate, certainly fashion is a highway rather travelled by many aspiring actresses or showgirls, but getting to the finish line is really an opportunity reserved for very few people, who will have to highlight many professional qualities, much more demanding than beauty for its own sake.