Dresses and art at the Rome festival and at the 2014 Oscars.

While many designers are looking unbridled new fashions, strange shapes, intricate lines and sophisticated colours and soft, someone in Italy is going to bucking and decided that the next couture creations, will be more daring than ever.

And the idea came from the venetian artist, Raffaela Quaiotti, former art teacher for many years as well as the teacher, who during the launch of the new art gallery contains well over 70 original works and much quoted on the Italian market, shares with his staff a new idea: wrap the woman of his works of art, making them get off the paintings themselves.

Almost philosophical inspiration, which immediately found support from his staff who created the first prototype in a few weeks and even female one male.

“Transparency” is the work of art that gives the name to the new line “new city dress”, a new style for the woman citizen.

Clean lines, simplicity, quality tailoring combined with practicality and obviously a work of wearable art, make this new fashion line, the flagship of the new clothing brand “Rdress”. Bologna city announcing the new line, with a mini-photo cine film crew were carried pictures of the new prototype apparel which gives its name to the line, with considerable success, curious and bewildered to see so much colour in the centre approached the monumental historical buildings of the city.

But the dress gave it the highest expression in images shot and directed by director Luca Martini, in the modern area where resides the Municipality of Bologna, in which the crystals and tangles ordered the construction industry, have been able to give proper emphasis to the prototype worn by beautiful model chosen for this experiment.

The next steps will be at the Rome Film Festival and the Oscars in 2014, where another beautiful Italian actress who is part of the entourage film, will feature the long evening that staff is preparing Rdress.

The artworks that will be used are shown on the artist's website

at www.raffaelapictures.com