Colors in fashion? Rdress came first!

Colourful fashion? Italy wakes up? "You have arrived a bit 'late, We do it since 2013..." Thus begins the brief interview with the product manager of Rdress, Luca Martini, who directs the new brand Rdress from birth, settled on fashion artwork. In fact, the project Rdress artwork clothing begins its journey in the summer of 2013 when the works of the artist Raffaela Quaiotti take flight towards a personal painting exhibition in Bologna, at the Wikiarte. From that moment the simple and genuine idea of ​​the artist becomes colour to wear... Not a simple colourful design, but real artworks transferred with modern digital technologies on silk and precious fabrics. All then finished with the wise Italian tailoring together with the Swiss one.

In fact, Rdress has Italian origins, but is in effect a Swiss brand, with a seat in the Helvetic land. It is there that the development of the idea and the related technology has been simplified by numerous collaborations, which have been interconnected in these two years.

Now Rdress launches the first Summer015 collection, named "NewWay" for which a special image has been created here visible in the post.

A new way, a new way of experiencing the art of this wonderful artist listed in creative circles, which results in wearing just the works she produced.

Rdress is therefore a small brand, but far ahead of its competitor giants, who will also be able to make complex garments, but never as unique as this Swiss brand that has made the art of clothing an existential philosophy.