At "Monte Carlo incontra Lugano", the Swiss fashion brand Rdress, enchants with beauty and art

An almost epic meeting took place on April 26 at TheView, between Monte Carlo and Lugano, organized by the Tourism and Congress Office of the Principality of Monaco by Director Gloria Svezia.

The cocktail dinatoire has achieved a success worthy of the worldly and artistic fame of both the committed nations, namely the Principality of Monaco and the Italian Switzerland. There are numerous personalities of both companions who have found coplanar and agree to support a new synergy between Lugano and Monte Carlo for the coming tourist of the Principality.

The Merit certainly goes to the careful organization and public relations that the Tourism Office has created in these months prior to the event. Among these, the presence of Rdress clothing, a young Swiss-Italian fashion brand, which initially attracted many people in the Monte-Carlo event of December 10th, and on this

occasion "at home", wanted to be discreet but incisive Gloria Svezia as a trade union between beauty, art and fashion.

Six outfits are all well organized and managed by Martini, the fashion designer's patron, in collaboration with BSA Academy in Lugano with the collaboration of Liliana Capicchiano for the haughty hairstyles of Lisa and MariaLivia, the two marvellous dressmakers who brought style art items presented.

Hundreds of photographic shots with illustrious guests of the event, featuring Rdress co-stars along with the personalities present from all over the world professional and financial in the Swiss and Monegasque area in unison. Embawo's wood and leather pouches, the Murano glass jewels of Roberto Perziano's art master, and the craftsmanship of MinimaleMode, are no less important.

A highly-oriented hand-in-hand presence in all its shapes, which featured all the guests of the event, giving a strong artistic-chromatic connotation within the new idea of slow-fashion that Maison Martini intends to pursue In the journey undertaken.