A "touch" of exclusive fashion with art and live music

"Touch" in English, but we can call it a "caress" in Italian, is the beautiful soundtrack of the new 2019 Rdress couture commercial, shot this weekend in the lobby on the noble floor of the "G. Baccari” by Lendinara. Of course, every spot has a soundtrack, perhaps a famous one, but in this specific fashion project of the Swiss-Italian fashion house, the piece of music, composed for piano by Maestro Mattia Cupelli, has been rearranged and performed live by the very model protagonist herself he wears the most expensive ceremony suit in the entire collection.

The shots, taken last November 24th and 25th, highlighted the musical art combined with this particular type of artistic clothing, which reproduces original works of art by Professor Raffaela Quaiotti (a former professor in the small town of Polesine), on dresses of rare beauty, entirely handmade in Switzerland and in Italy; "... we were very impressed by the great availability, professionalism and passion shown by the library staff, at every level, so that my staff could make this spot as effective as possible ... Thanks go to Councillor Francesca Zeggio, to Mayor Luigi Viaro and the Giunta, the manager of the Library Nicola Gasparetto, to Mr. Adriano who has been at the side of our staff all the time, with a discreet and very welcome presence in aid of logistics ... It is thanks to all these people, as well as our staff, if the audio and film shootings are had been really excellent ... ", says the general manager of the brand Luca Martini. "... obviously the first thanks goes to our model-pianist, Chiara Mestieri, who believed in this project and made all this possible ... We owe our gratitude and special praise also to the make-up and hairstyles crew of the HairBoss group from Este (Pd), Elena and Valentina, who took care of the image of the model with skill and great professionalism ... ", concludes the general manager.

The commercial will now go on to the long editing work for the final production that will see the public's spotlight next spring on the world FashionTV network and on the web. But the Library of Lendinara, will return protagonist just for the official presentation of the spot with a really exclusive fashion event just next May 2019. The official event will be confirmed immediately after the upcoming Christmas holidays. The official website of the brand is at www.rdresscouture.com