"One should either be an artwork, 

or wear an artwork" 

Oscar Wilde

wearable sustainable artwork clothing


All the Rdress articles are produced with the transpositions of original artworks of the Italian artist Raffaela Q. We believe that we are different, so we will never produces two equal dresses and will always be with works of art. Each customer will receive the certificate of authenticity of the artwork depicted on the item.


The raw materials of each Rdress item are highly selected: 100% silk chiffon, 97% silk satin, silk velvet, certified recycled lycra. The pigments used for printing are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and guaranteed for 100 years. Suitable for use in fresh water, pool and sea water. Comfort and versatility  are essential for our dynamic clients.


In our limited edition collections, each item is made to order by the customer and the creative process passes through the expert hands of our trusted seamstresses in Italy and Switzerland. The product is studied in detail and at the end of the fasson each creation is signed by hand by our chief manager to ensure its authenticity.


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