1 Bag...469mln of combinations!


 Rdress Pyramid - Customizable pyramid bag 

The first lightweight, waterproof, recyclable artwork pyramid bags. Swiss design, handmade in Italy.

The first combo-pyramidal bag in the world

Offering always new and exciting experiences to our customers is one of the missions of our fashion house. Pyramids artwork bags, is innovative fun and very practical, maintaining a unique and inimitable style. Our vision is to create wearable artworks for new women in the world.


Original artworks on Rdress Pyramid Bags

The Rdress bags, Plastique and Romantica, in addition to their basic features, offer an exclusive look thanks to the interchangeable representation of the original artworks of the artist R. Quaiotti.


It looks small...? It's not at all...

You do not need many descriptions, just look at the image here, to realize how big this little wonder is. Its capacity is big: smartphone, wallet, make-up, perfume, house and car keys. Wow!

Choose Your Artwork...

Choose the artwork you want on YOUR new Pyramid bag...​